When it comes to maximizing a player’s earning potential, nothing is more important than a positive image. Once this image is created, maintenance of that image takes over and is often more important. One way of such maintenance is to quickly recognize which endorsements and offers one should accept and which ones to decline.
A poor offer may result in a large one-time salary, but it could also eliminate the possibility of future endorsements. We will help you find and analyze endorsement alternatives to maximize your career earnings. Also, we will help you interact positively with media when such opportunities arise to ensure that the best value is created.

Career management

The first exposure as a player to professional sports is often overwhelming.
To make this transition easier we offer both career management and player counseling services. Such services can be invaluable in helping you in establishing a career plan and focus on your career goals. As soon as the plan is laid out, we will help you reach the planned goals as well as maintaining and developing your skills.

Continuous sessions may be needed to make sure that your personal career plan is up-to-date.


In the world of professional sports, a contract defines the rules for each and every player. Today some leagues have introduced a so-called salary cap, which sets a limit on how much a given player can make during the first contract or even throughout that player’s entire career.

A typical contract consists of a yearly base salary, signing bonus, appearance bonus, and incentive bonus. Through skillful negotiation and by exploring different contract options, we will compose a personalized contract package for you.

Financial planning

The reality of professional sports is that players do have a limited career and must plan for their post-career future. We will work with you to determine what your personal goals are and develop an off-season plan on how to achieve them. For some players this could involve post-secondary education, for others a matter of finding a suitable area of employment. Insurance Information In today’s sports it is essential world that you have full knowledge of the insurance options available to you. There is nothing more tragic than a young player suffering a career-ending injury without being properly insured.

We think such situations never should occur and find this matter of such great importance that we offer free counseling on insurance options for all our clients. We also also insure our NHL prospects with a disability insurance. Travel Many athletes do not want to spend their time trying to find plane tickets and accommodations. To minimize these issues, our agency can arrange a personal travel agent to take care of this for you.

Legal services

In the event that legal advice will be necessary, we will offer you the best legal counseling in sports management. This may be needed to correct unfair treatment or if the terms of your contract are not followed.

If such problems arise, we will connect you with the best possible people who can efficiently help you with full arbitration and litigation service.

Medical expertise

Medical Expertise and Referrals/Off-Season Fitness Advising
With high salaries and the constant high performance demands in today’s professional sports world, teams and players may have different priorities when dealing with player injuries. We can provide you with contacts to experienced personal trainers, fitness testing, nutritional information and strength programs that can develop and care for your fitness needs. We encourage you to seek outside, independent medical advise when deciding when to return from an injury.